High 5 Games Review

Introduction to High 5 Games

Founded in 1995, High 5 Games is among the older companiesin the online casino games market. This gaming studio is known for its high-quality titles along with enthralling graphics and themes. The highlight of High 5 Games is the wide variety of slots and, more importantly, the rewards on offer. High 5 Games is particularly known for its amazing rewards and bonuses.

Apart from being a game provider for online casinos, High 5 Games also has the infrastructure to enable other online casinos. With its AI-driven PAM, CRM, and CMS tools, anyone can make an awesome online casino with High 5 Games.

A company named High 5 Gameshas to have a good game collection. With more than 500 titles, High 5 Games does justice to its name. The company specializes in slots over other types of casino games. Let’s find out more about High 5 Games, its history, and what it offers.

History of High 5 Games

In its 25+ years of business, High 5 Games has reached 50+ countries across the six major continents. The company’s history beganin Mahwah, New Jersey in 1995. It took quite some time for High 5 Games to enter the mainstream – but once it did, there was no lookingback.

The company’s first video slot took seven years to come to fruition, and it was named 777. This game was a huge success and catapulted High 5 Games to the mainstream. By 2010, High 5 Games had more than 200 titles, including the worldwide hit Golden Goddess.

By 2015, High 5 Games had opened offices in Sweden, Gibraltar, Malta, the UK, and more countries. By 2020, the company had more than 400 titles under its belt.

In its long history of more than 25 years, High 5 Games has released many popular games and earned a lot of accolades. Now, let’s look at the very thing that triggered the success of the company: the game collection.

High 5 Games Top Games

High 5 Games is known for its slots more than anything else. All the awards and accolades it has won are also a result of these amazing slot games. There are more than 400 slots in High 5 Games’ catalog,and they offeramazing rewards and bonuses. Some of the various bonuses and rewards available in High 5 Games’ slots are 2x Wins/3x Wins, Adaptive 2x Wins/Adaptive 3x Wins, Free Spins, Adaptive Free Spins, Feature Boost, Adaptive Feature Boost, and Power Bet Entry Discount.

Some of the most popular slots from High 5 Games are Hootie’s Fortune, Dragon’s Keeper, Da Vinci Gems, Wizard’s Critter, Vegas Ways, Golden Goddess, Bushido Bounty, Platinum Goddess Ways, and Rise to Power. Apart from these, there are hundreds of other games to suit different preferences.

High 5 Games Notable Awards

Every online casino software provider desires to be rewarded for its efforts. High 5 Games has quite a few awards to prove its caliber, though its success speaks for itself. The very first recognition for High 5 Games came with the launch of one of its first slots, Da Vinci Diamonds, in 2008. It was IGT’s top performer for that year.

In 2010, High 5 Games won its first major award. One of its slots, Noah’s Ark, was named IGT’s ‘Online Game of the Year’ in 2010. In 2012, High 5 Casino (social) was named the fastest-growing virtual casino on Facebook.

As High 5 Games continues to grow in strides, we can expect a lot more recognition and awards for the studio very soon.

High 5 Games Summary

As you should be able to tell by now, High 5 Games is one of the leading players in the market. It ticks every box that makes an online casino software provider great. Be it a great collection of games or amazing service, High 5 Games does it all. The company has also won various awards over the years for its amazing performance in the sector. Among other things, the slot collection of High 5 Games is amazing in terms of the quality and quantity of its titles.

In the future, we can expect High 5 Games to progress even more and earn more commercial and critical success. We hope thisbrief introduction to High 5 Games will help ourreaders to better appreciate what the company offers.